What we offer

We offer a service that will maximise the returns on your software, technology and people investment by creating new efficiencies.

You spend thousands of rand each year on subscription renewals, but to what benefit? Of course, project deliverable can dictate the need to be using the latest software version, but that investment should surely see a better return than purely keeping up-to-date.

Why do we need a review?

We see the rate of technology development ever increasing and it can be difficult to keep up with better, more efficient methods of working whilst under the pressure to complete projects. The fact is that demanding workloads limit research and development, and as such, can force users to stick with what they know.

Of course, it takes considerable time to stand back, review, learn and implement new methodologies independently, rather than look to the expertise of an external team providing focus specifically within this area.

What are the benefits?

Modena have developed the ‘Design Process Review’ service in order to further support customers in identifying these efficiencies, which can be broken down into the following activities:

  • The service provides a mechanism to review, document and align strategic business objectives.
  • The service creates a map of your existing technology and design process, software utilisation and deliverables.
  • It utilises our experience and expertise to identify efficiency savings with a focus on maximising return within your existing software investment.
  • It provides awareness of other software technologies that achieve greater efficiency and/or benefit.
  • It provides a plan and breakdown of activities required to achieve efficiency gains identified throughout the engagement.
  • It creates a much closer working partnership, allowing us to better support you through the use of technology.

The review affords us a much deeper insight into your business allowing us to address and overcome technical challenges, identify inefficiencies and make recommendations to:

  • Improve Process
  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Costs
  • Become More Competitive

More than just technology

The core ‘Design Process Review’ focuses on the use of technology, including CAD Standards, IT/Hardware, Document Management, Bespoke Software Development, and BIM.

How does it work?

The process requires the completion of an initial questionnaire, followed by on-site interviews with both strategic and technical representatives. Following the visit, a comprehensive report will be generated and presented back highlighting the findings and recommended courses of action.

Costs are dependent on a number of factors including number of teams, disciplines, sites and areas that require review. This will be defined throughout the initial consultation with your Account Manager. As an example, for single teams and disciplines located on a single site requiring the core module, pricing is available on request for:

  • On-Site Interviews
  • Report Creation
  • Presentation Summary of Findings and Recommendations

Whether your requirements are:

  • Simple training interventions.
  • Data management solution implementation.
  • Entire design office process re-engineering.

Modena’s consulting team can do an assessment and advise on the ideal road-map to having your design and drawing process help achieve business objectives.

Get your partnership started with Modena today!


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